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Atitlán, mysterious and beautiful paradise

This lake has 130 square kilometers. In some parts its depth may reach 342 mts. This majestic lake is surrounded by 3 volcanos: Tolimán, Atitlán and San Pedro, and more than 10 Mayan towns.
Crucero de Atitlán is the best way to become acquainted with the richness lake Atilán offers. Since 1932, many people repeat what Aldous Huxley wrote: “Atitlan is the most beautiful lake of the world”. 

Mission and Vision

Our mission
Provide a comfortable, unique and unforgettable experience during their stay in Lake Atitlan, valuing the landscape and the surrounding communities through a wealth of information.

Our vision
Being a reliable company that operates with kindness, quality and in harmony with the ecological and cultural environment, the landscape and communities of Lake Atitlan.

Our Ship

This ship is a comfortable Guatemalan built boat of 45 feet.  Its exterior resembles a huipil full of color and birds. The ship offers panoramic seats in 3 different areas.

On board you will receive plenty information on Lake Atitlán while enjoying beverages, café, wine and snacks.  

Regional music will be part of the menu.

The crew is well trained regarding safety standards.

Life jacques are available.

  • Panajachel (Departing point)

    This is a touristic town visited by people of many parts of the world.
    It has many   hotels,   resturants,   walkeable  streets,   museums,   crafts.
    This town offers a nice view of the whole lake and its volcanos.

  • San Antonio Palopó

    This town is inhabited by Maya cakchiquel people.
    You will admire its agriculture in terraces and a small charming church.
    Weavers offer colorful textiles. A fabric of artistic ceramic products is visited.

  • Santiago Atitlán

    Old and colorful Maya zutuhil town. Rich in traditions, textile weaving and wood carving. Old church full of history.

  • San Juan La Laguna

    Relaxing environment, quiet, clean and friendly Maya people.
    Variety of artistic crafts and naif painting on diferent themes.
    Natural dying of cotton products.

Packages / Special Deals

Exploring Lake Atitlan

(Minimum 5 persons)

  • Visit 2 towns at the shores of Lake Atitlan (Santiago Atitlán & San Antonio Palopó)
  • 2 nights staying at Eco Hotel Uxlabil Atitlán at San Juan La Laguna (in double...
Tailor-Made Tour

Specifically arranged for groups, enterprises or organizations.

Ask for rates.

Romantic Discovery of Lake Atitlán

(Specially for couples)

  • Visit 2 towns at the shores of Lake Atitlán (Santiago Atitlán & San Antonio Palopó).
  • 2 night stay at Eco Hotel Uxlabil Atitlán at San Juan La Laguna.
  • ...