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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions



At what time do I board the ship?

For Regular tours: For your comfort and convenience, we recommend passengers arrive at the port of departure at the dock of Hotel Jardines del Lago, Panajachel, Sololá at least fifteen minutes before departure, bringing reliable identification.

For Tailor-made Tours: The responsible contractor or guide should be ready at the point of departure agreed at least half an hour before at the port of departure.


What about documentation, visas and passports?

No visa, passport or additional documentation is needed to enjoy the tour of Crucero de Atitlán, except the identification.


How do I to prepare for an enjoyable tour?

Wear casual. We advise you to dress comfortable. Do not forget your camera, tennis shoes, sunscreen and a cap or a hat. Be ready to hear everything about the lake (music included).


What can't I bring onboard?

Passenger is not allowed to bring on board the vessel any intoxicating liquors/beverages, firearms, weapons of any kind, ammunition, explosive substances or any goods of a dangerous nature, nor animals of any kind.


What kind of health assistance can Crucero de Atitlán provides?

Crucero de Atitlán is equipped with a first aid kit in which a crew member will provide the passenger with medical care. Commonly used medications are kept on board for primary care.


Can children participate during the trip?

Crucero de Atitlán is committed to offer an unforgettable experience for both, children and adults. Children aboard our ship can enjoy the same activities as adults.


Are there special rates for children?

No, Children above the age of ten (10) pay the same rate than adults.


What about gratuities?

There is no required or recommended tipping on our ship for service that is generally rendered to all passengers. While you should not feel obligated to offer a gratuity, all of our staff are encouraged to “go the extra mile,” so they are permitted to accept cash gratuities for exceptional or outstanding service if you care to offer them.


Are taxes included?

All prices already include taxes.


Why kind of packages does Crucero de Atittlan offer?

Crucero de Atitlán offer two kind of packages of tours:

Regular Tour:

  • Tour to the most beautiful lake in the world by Crucero de Atitlán, it has comfortable and panoramic seats in three different environments. Guided tour in each of the towns, (Panajachel, San Antonio Palopó, Santiago Atitlán, San Juan la Laguna.

Regular tour with lunch included (All included):

  • Besides all the above, you will receive an alcoholic or a non beverage, a healthy local lunch and a special souvenir.


The following items are not included in the cruise fare:

  •  Service Charges/Gratuities
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Sodas and some other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Transfers Antigua to Panajachel (unless pre-purchased or pre- purchased packages)
  • Hotel Stays (unless pre-purchased)
  • Photography
  • Art purchases
  • Gift shop purchases


How do I pay for onboard expenses?

For your convenience, all shipboard expenses can be charged to credit card Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club. You may also use your debit card however please be advised that we obtain pre-authorization, as we do for all Credit Cards, we also accept cash.


What about smoking on the ship?

As the health and well-being of our guests and crew is of the utmost importance, Crucero de Atitlán prohibits smoking in every area of the ship. 

Public areas throughout are smoke-free. If you smoke electronic cigarettes, you can do so in deck area only. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited. Electronic cigarettes cannot be used in public areas where there is a No smoking policy in force; simply because these cigarettes look so realistic and therefore other guests' perception is that we are not enforcing the No smoking rule.


What time is lunch?

Please note that the hours for lunch are only approximate. Lunch time may vary depending on the time of arrival / departure of the ship and is at the discretion of the captain.


Can I bring alcohol on board?

No. You can purchase any alcohol onboard.


Can I bring my own water onboard?

Yes, you can bring on board one identificable container. Crucero de Atitlán offers a variety of beverages, alcoholic and non alcoholic.


If I did not have breakfast is there food aboard?

Yes, you can have snacks, and different beverages.


Can I cancel my tour with Crucero de Atitlán?

Passengers can cancel their contract at least twenty four (24) hours before the date of the tour, cancellations should be made in writing. The cancellation notice is effective upon the date of receipt by Crucero de Atitlán or by your travel agent. Should the passenger cancel their booking at least twenty four (24) hours, Crucero de Atitlán will charge $.20.00 dollars for made travel provisions and expenses incurred.


Is there bathroom service aboard?

Yes, we have unisex bathroom service.


What makes Crucero de Atitlán unique?

  1. Crucero de Atitlán is the only embarkation where you can tour around Atitilan Lake and its towns that has comfortable and panoramic seats in three different environments.
  2. Crucero de Atitlán beside regular tours offers Tailor-made Tours, it means is an itinerary created just for you, in which it will be included everything you wish to see and do during your trip. The program can be as long or as short as you wish. A tailor-made program can include accommodation, meals, guide service in a given town.The standard of accommodation and length of the tours are up to you. **When we send you our first proposal, you’re free to add or remove anything you wish in order to make it suit your individual requirements.


What if I still have some questions?

Contact us at the following number: (502) 4644 0074; visit our "Contact Us" section from the home page or at Facebook.