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Terms And Conditions

Prior to booking please read these Terms & Conditions. With your booking and the announcement of these contract terms, they will become part of the contract. Please also refer to the “FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions” section where you will find all essential information about our services.



The travel confirmation of El Crucero de Atitlán is the acceptance of your booking request. Your booking request is based on the information and the “Frequently Asked Questions” section. Accepting the booking request results in a travel contract between yourself as well as all other participants who are mentioned on the confirmation. The travel confirmation contains the significant details of your booked services. Should the services in the travel confirmation differ from those in the booking request then a new offer is being presented by El Crucero de Atitlán. In this case you have seven (7) days to accept the new offer. You should accept the new offer writing, via website, e-mail or any external booking system within seven (7) days; then the travel contract will be completed on this basis.



Online payment should be done twenty four hours before your requested tour. For online payment, please observe the dates of payment on Crucero de Atitlán confirmation/invoice.  A delayed payment may result in the cancellation of your reservation.



The scope of contractual services to be offered to the passenger corresponds to the description in this document as well as the stipulated details in the travel confirmation. All cruise prices stated in this document.

Crucero de Atitlán offers two types of tours:

  • Regular tour: $48.00 (taxes included) per person unless special discounts or offers announced.
  • Regular tour with lunch included: $58.00 (taxes included) per person unless special discounts or offers announced.
  • Tailor-made tours: specifically arranged for groups, enterprises or organizations. Ask for grades.


Special Price for Tours


Service Changes  before conclusion of contract

This document details are binding for Crucero de Atitlán, in so far as they form the basis of the travel contract. However, Crucero de Atitlán, reserves the right, for justifiable reasons, to make changes to the details prior to the agreement being concluded. Crucero de Atitlán would inform the passenger of these changes prior to booking. The captain can make changes on itinerary or travel times in case of force majeure.



5.1 Cancellation by the passenger

Passengers can cancel their contract at least twenty four (24) hours before the date of the tour. As means of proof, cancellations should be made in writing. The cancellation notice is effective upon the date of receipt by Crucero de Atitlán or by your travel agent. Should the passenger cancel their booking at least twenty four (24) hours, Crucero de Atitlán will charge $.20.00 dollars for made travel provisions and expenses incurred.

5.2 Booking Changes

Passenger’s booking can be changed upon request and subject to availability (rebooking) at least twenty four (24) hours before the date of tour. Rebookings include any changes of travel date. Crucero de Atitlán charges the amount of ten (10) dollars rebooking fee per person. At the time of booking all passengers names need to be submitted to Crucero de Atitlán with the valid identifications.



Make sure to read completely this document for your trip. We can not accept any responsibility, whatsoever, for any errors, incorrect or inaccurate information originated from the use of any information that is not updated, contained in Crucero de Atitlán´s web site. It important that the reservation is made with the names of passengers.


Travel insurance is not part of the Crucero de Atitlán tour contract and is not included in the travel fare.



The official languages on board are English and Spanish, and all announcements and safety measures will be carried out in English and Spanish.



9.1 Passengers under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a passenger of 18 years or older at the time of embarkation, who expressly agrees to be responsible for them at the time of embarkation. Crucero de Atitlán will not sell alcohol to minors. A minor is defined as an individual under 18 years of age.

9.2 For safety reasons infants under the age of 10 are not allowed on board unless they are accompanied by a passenger of 18 years or older.

9.3 Crucero de Atitlán welcomes ladies who are pregnant. But, unfortunately they will not be allowed to travel if they are entering its third trimester (24 weeks) at the start or during the 24 weeks of pregnancy. For any doubt always consult your physician/travel agent before starting your tour.

Crucero de Atitlán will not be responsible or liable for any complications of pregnancy which arise or occur during the tour.

9.4 Any physical challenge or medical condition that requires special attention must be reported to Crucero de Atitlán at the time of booking. Crucero de Atitlán has the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who, in our judgement, is in physical or mental condition unfit for tour travel or who may require care beyond what Crucero de Atitlán can provide. Crucero de Atitlán does not have the facilities for passengers who use a wheelchair.

9.5 If according to the judgement of the ship’s captain a passenger is no longer able to travel or if he/she puts at risk the health, security or represents a danger to the health or security of any other person, the ship’s captain is entitled to prevent the respective person from boarding or to order the disembarkation of the respective person in a particular harbor.



Crucero de Atitlán is equipped with a first aid kit in which a crew member will provide the passenger with medical care. Treatment on board and in provisional harbors can be provided, however, only to a limited extent, and consists only in primary care.



During the booking process, passengers provide Crucero de Atitlán with personal data required to complete the online payments. Crucero de Atitlán uses your booking order by complying with the valid data protection provisions. Crucero de Atitlán uses your personal data for the purpose of market research purposes. Only in the event the tour passenger did previously grant Crucero de Atitlán the consent, Crucero de Atitlán will use the said data for product-related enquiries and for marketing.  Crucero de Atitlán draws attention to the fact that personal data such as name, address and/or e-mail address is asked in order to provide from information of Crucero de Atitlán through newsletters, e-mail or regular mail. Tour  passengers may oppose at any time to the use of personal data for the said purposes by canceling the provision of the information. Crucero de Atitlán shall not provide any third party with data without having express consent or without being legally obliged to do so.